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What On Earth Is Going On With Those Large Containers At The Baxter Target


If you have driven past the Target Store in Baxter lately, you may have noticed those rather unsightly shipping containers taking up space in its parking lot.

They are draped in signs that say “OPEN,” but when I went to open one early this morning just before sunrise, they were NOT open (totally kidding… sort of).  I am just curious… does anyone know what is in those containers?  I know the store is working to create a “drive-thru pick-up” window so customers can order from “abroad” and pick-up on site at the window… but not sure that would require storage container upon storage container that seem to be hogging a ton of parking spaces.

The City of Baxter reported that the creation of the drive-thru would only require removing 6 existing parking spaces, so…. yeah.  I’m curious.  I am tempted to call the store and outright ask them, but that’s weird.  I just want to know.  Anyone?