When We Say Brrrrr, Alaskans Say Aaaaah


When temperatures drop well below zero, here in Minnesota, our friends in Alaska are usually enjoying a break from winter’s bite.

One recent morning, as we Minnesotans woke up to bitterly cold conditions, “the high” in Anchorage Alaska reached 37 and farther to the north, in Fairbanks, they topped out in the upper 20s–above zero. It’s a pattern which repeats itself several times each winter.

So, what’s up?

The jet stream is carrying warmer Pacific air up into Alaska and shoving that Arctic air down through Canada, and right down into our backyard and up our “whatzit”.  That’s a simplified laymen’s explanation and I don’t even pretend to understand all the meteorological factors at play. It just seems to hold true. Colder than average Minnesota winters, more often than not, translate to warmer than normal Alaskan winters.

Next time you’re slipping into your “long johns” and your fleece lined blue jeans on a cold day here in The Land Of 10,000 Lakes, check out those temperatures in the Land Of The Midnight Sun. And, next time “Ol Man Winter” clamps down hard–take heart. It shouldn’t be long before the folks in Fairbanks will be feeling the “sting” while we step outside and say Aaaaah!

Barry Brueland afternoon host on 106.7 WJJY