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Where In Crow Wing County Is My Snowplow?

Snow Plow 22

Well, with the recent snowfall in the Brainerd Lakes Area and the possibility of a “major snow event” happening next week, it is obviously snowplow season and residents of Crow Wing County can once again find out just where their snowplow is during ANY snow event!  Where’s My Snowplow? is a web-based map that uses GPS to track the 15 Crow Wing County plows and show you the current location of each plow.  Using  a link, you can stay informed as to when plows are out and where they are headed in relation to your commute – just look for the RED TRUCK symbols.  Track the plows in real time- they are updated every five minutes during winter events.  (Keep in mind, these crews plow 550 miles of COUNTY roads – many that require multiple passes because of the width of the roadways).  Visit  to find the snowplow tracker (click on Your Government) and find out exactly – WHERE IS YOUR SNOWPLOW????

(And THANK YOU to the wonderful county CREWS who are out on those snowy roads working hard to make sure our commutes are safer during our Lakes Area winters!  Remember, also to STAY BACK – STAY ALIVE.  Let the crews do their thing!)

Safe Travels!