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Which Fast Food Place Has The Best French Fries?

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Business Insider magazine recently asked its readers which fast food restaurant has the best French Fries and the one that came out on top will soon be tested by this fries lover.

Because SOON (no exact date), Five Guys will be in Baxter, Minnesota.  I always thought McDonald’s had the best fast food fries, but that may change.   I have never tried Five Guys fries (say that 10 times fast!).

The survey asked 3,000 people which fast food chain has the BEST fries, and here are the top six answers:

  1.  Five Guys, 46% of people who’ve been there recently say they are the best.
  2.  McDonald’s, 44%
  3.  Chick-fil-A, 24%
  4.  Arby’s, 21%
  5. Wendy’s, 11%
  6. Burger King, 11%

I have not had Chick-fil-A fries either, so maybe some day…but as for now, as we wait patiently for Five Guys (and Chipotle) to open in Baxter, I’ll stick with my McD’s fries.

What do YOU think?