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Who Is The Most Hated Person In Sports Right Now?


According to a recent study done by BetOnline, Aaron Rodgers is the most hated person in the NFL, beating out Antonio Brown and Bill Belichick. This news caused much debate in the Hubbard Radio Brainerd offices as we all discussed who we absolutely love to hate across any sport. Many figures found themselves on the list from all sports and roles, with former North Stars owner Norm Green leading the way.  Who is on the top of your list of sports figures you love to hate?

Luke (106.7 WJJY, COOL 103.5)

  • Stan Kroenke
  • Rob Manfred

Barry Brueland (WJJY)

  • Norm Green

Mike Shermak (The Power Loon, COOL 103.5)

  • Kyle Busch

Ken Thomas (106.7 WJJY)

  • Tom Wilson
  • Jerry Jones

Bill Satre (B93.3, COOL 103.5)

  • Joe Buck
  • Norm Green

Danny Wild (The Power Loon)

  • OJ Simpson

Other figures anonymously named around the office

  • Sean Payton
  • LeBron James
  • Tom Kelly
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Drew Pearson
  • Gregg Williams
  • Jake and Logan Paul
  • Ndamukong Suh
  • Jerry Jones
  • Norm Green