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Why Sheryl Crow’s happy her sons got to watch her prepare for Friday’s solo livestream

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Sheryl Crow will be doing a special solo livestream show on Friday, June 18, and she’s glad that as she’s preparing for it, her sons have been able to watch her process.

“I’ve never done a full show where I just play by myself, so I think people will feel like they’re seeing something completely different out of me,” Sheryl tells People magazine. “For me, it was really fun to just kind of sit and tell stories about some of these songs that people know, but don’t know the stories behind.”

But Sheryl says it’s even better that Levi, 11 and Wyatt, 14, get to witness it themselves.

“How great for them to be around while I was preparing to do this storytelling project and for them to get to see why I wrote these songs,” she explains, adding, “It’s also a travelogue of my entire life, so it was good for them to see that and to see the work that went into it.”

Sheryl decided to do the livestream after the pandemic forced her off the road.

“I’ve got like 25, 30 years of songs and never just had the opportunity to sit and kind of dig in, with the luxury of being home with nothing to do,” she notes. “In fact, my kids thought it was super strange that I was playing the guitar so much and I had to explain to them that it was something I really liked doing. It’s not just my work.”

“It really made me want to share some of those deep cuts with people and talk about what inspired the writing of them,” she adds.

Tickets are on sale now for Sheryl Crow: The Songs and the Stories — A Live Solo Performance.

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