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WJJY Voted #1 Best Overall Radio Station In ‘Best Of The Brainerd Lakes’ Contest


Thanks to our FABULOUS listeners, WJJY was voted #1 Best Overall Radio Station in the local Best Of The Brainerd Lakes contest through our local newspaper.

We know we have the best listeners and if there was an award for that, you would win, friends!  Thank you!  We are honored, grateful and humbled by your support.

In addition I, Tess Taylor, am grateful that you voted for me as Best Local Celebrity. With your votes, I came in second!  You sure know how to make a girl smile!  What made this girl LAUGH, however, is that I THINK I came in second behind a 7-foot tall Lumberjack who hangs out with a total Babe.  He had a well-deserved leg up on me!

Thank you, Brainerd Lakes and Brainerd Dispatch!  We love ya!