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Would You Please Stop Asking Women This Question

Photo by Juan Pablo Arenas from Pexels

I am sick of it.  I am SO, SO sick of hearing it, so instead of stewing it in my brain, I am going to spew it on the internet.  Because that’s where you’re supposed to vent, right?  Right…

I have felt under the weather this week.  Feeling dizzy and gaggy on Monday as the result of an extended “four hour tour” on a fishing boat Sunday afternoon (motion sickness) … to a low-grade fever and other “tummy issues” on Tuesday that kept me home another day after a co-worker (male) had the same symptoms the week before.  Wednesday and Thursday, still not feeling up to par, but no fever and finally TODAY (Friday) I am starting to feel better!

If I had to count on one hand how many times I heard, “Oooh, DO YOU THINK YOU’RE PREGNANT?” I would need 15 more hands!

(getting on my soapbox…)
STOP ASKING WOMEN THIS QUESTION!  JUST STOP!  You’re being rude and intrusive!

First of all, it’s none of your (insert expletive here) business!  I understand that when people ask this, it is HOPEFULLY out of concern and comes from a “good place.”  But it’s annoying as H-E-double hockey sticks!  Especially when you add that little smart-mouth “uh oh” or “oooohhh” or smirk and/or wink.  You know something?  It’s annoying.  And, believe it or not, women get sick.  It doesn’t automatically mean we’re knocked-up.  Deal.

Second… in MY situation, I am 45 years old and we have a six-year old.  That’s it.  That’s all we have chosen FOR OUR OWN REASONS to have (and I always say, “God gives you what you can handle, and He knows better!”).  Do you think maybe, JUST MAYBE, if we wanted more, we would have more by now?  And worse….. how do you know if the woman you are asking this personal question to isn’t DYING inside hearing those words because maybe she and her spouse are doing everything they can to try and have kids (or more kids) and it only GUTS her when you ask a personal question like that because, for whatever reason, she is not able to have kids?

STOP ASKING THE QUESTION!  PLEASE!  You’re actually being thoughtless and possibly hurtful.

NOW…If you are one who asked me this question over the last week – I, OF COURSE, FORGIVE YOU.  Just please…. DON’T ASK ME – or any other woman – that question if she says she doesn’t feel well.  Again, I say:  WOMEN GET SICK.  And this woman is SICK of that question…for myself and others.  Food for thought, anyway.  Please, just think about it.

(stepping off my soapbox, now…. exhaling.)

Wow, this internet venting thing is quite freeing.  Now I REALLY feel better.