You Will Not Win Against The Snow Plows, Don’t Be THAT Guy


This morning on my snowy commute to work at 4:45 a.m., I was fortunate enough to get onto the highway just after the plow trucks came by.  With that being said, though, I did get “stuck” behind them, therefore driving at ALMOST 32 mph in a 65 mph zone.

The two trucks were tag-teaming the two lane southbound lanes, blocking both lanes with me trailing behind them at a half-block distance, at least.  Then, there he was:  THAT guy. The guy who comes racing up behind me, flies into the “passing” lane, blows past me, sees he can’t get past the plows, slams on his brakes and then tailgates the plow that was “blocking” the passing lane.

My thought?  “Hey, idiot… do you think I am going this slow and staying back for you-know-whats and giggles?!?”  THAT guy is then joined my another THAT guy, and together, they proceed to basically bumper-ride the plows. Drove me dang-near crazy!  Not only were they both obviously impatient, but seemed to be taunting the plows thinking they could get them to move over.  SERIOUSLY?  Let these crews do their work!  You knew it was snowing – you should have left early like I did.

Not only that, but the glare ice under the snow was shining like glass, but it seemed these two dingle-nuts didn’t have a care in the world.  This “parade” went on from Pequot Lakes to just south of Sportland Corner in Nisswa, when the plows eventually pulled off to the shoulder together so they could swing around and plow the same stretch northbound.  Of course, THAT guy #1 and THAT guy #2 go flying down the highway, sending plumes of the unplowed snow into the air screwing up my visibility.  When the dingle-nuts were well ahead of me, and the snow plumes had settled, there was a car in the northbound lane that had gone into the ditch.  I know this is terrible, but I was hoping to see #1 and/or #2 farther down the road in the ditch, too.  (Now, come on…you know you’ve thought the same at some point…)  But nope.  Three other cars were in the ditch, but neither of the THAT guys.

I called 911 to let law enforcement know about the ditched vehicles and had I been able to read the license plates on the vehicles that put on the show earlier, I would have reported them.  Even snapped a picture hoping to zoom in and capture the plate numbers, but to no avail.  (yes, I am THAT GIRL!)… but I want to apologize to those plow drivers for the behavior of the dingle-nut “brothers” and THANK those crews – and everyone like them – for doing what they do.   At that hour.  At that pace.  Under those conditions.  With such precision.  Thank you, plow drivers.  And please, DO NOT BE “THAT GUY!”  Chill out, stay back and stay alive.  (As a public service, please see the attached news release from MnDOT.)  Be safe.